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Our company successfully participated in 2019 south China international printing exhibition
Our company successfully participated in 2019 south China international printing exhibition
YC146L/166L Automatic High Speed Laminating Machine


YC146L/166L Automatic High Speed Laminating Machine

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YC146L/166L Automatic High Speed Laminating Machine

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High Efficiency Feeder:

The structure of four lifting suckers and four forwarding suckers is suitable for different type of paper.

It also equipped with front-blowing and side-blowing devices, in addition to the special pressing-paper foot to blow papers effectively to ensure papers can be transported smoothly.With the pre-loader, it can enhance working-efficiency .

The bridge section:

This simple and compact design can transport different sizes and type of labels rapidly and accurately into the gluing unit.

The side lay registration:

With self-developed side lay registration mechanism which is unique in design, can run rapidly and smoothly.

Bottom feeding section:

The bottom paper feeding structure is matched with high-efficiency air suction system, which can be delivered correctly, quickly and effectively. All kinds of single-layer, three-layer, four-layer, five-layer and seven-layer cardboard do not need to change the paper feeding structure, according to the size and smoothness of paper, adjust the air suction to meet the needs of different paper.

The laminating unit:

High-precision coating wheel uniformly coats the amount of glue on paper, with automatic glue feeding system, more stable and efficient. Face paper two servo motors + bottom paper servo motors to ensure the accuracy of machine fit, and especially increase the motion controller, effectively play the maximum function.

Bundle ejector:

After the laminated paper is pressed by the conveyor belt, the whole stack of paper is stacked and sent to the next stage for flipping.

Flip flop unit:

In order to increase the efficiency of paper turning, one stack of paper is rolled over and the other is directly passed through and interacted with each other.

Paper stacking & delivery unit:

Subsidiary paper-collecting automatic drop function realizing non-stop paper-collecting. Optional paper stack automatic output device, docking logistics delivery.

The electrical control unit:

Digital memory, unique design of computer program, easy access to touch screen, visual production. For each replacement product, the size of paper and the required fitting precision are input on the man-machine interface. The machine can adjust automatically and quickly, which is convenient and fast.

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Model YC146L YC166L
Max.sheet size 1450x1450mm 1650x1650mm
Min.sheet size 500x450mm 500x450mm
Thickness of surface paper 180-800g/m² 180-450g/m²
Thickness of Bottom Paper A/B/C/E/F A/B/C/E/F Corrugated paper,
A/B/C/E/F Corrugated paper,
Max.speed 10000 sheet/h,160m/ min 10000sheets/h,160m/min
Laminating Precision ±1.5mm ±1.5mm
Power 27KW 27KW
Weight 15600kg 17300kg
L×W×H 28×3.3×2.85m 30x3.5x3m


High Efficiency Feeder

Paper conveying

Base paper conveying

servo motor

Interface settings

The laminating unit  

Bundle ejector

Flip flop unit

Paper stacking & delivery unit


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