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Our company successfully participated in 2019 south China international printing exhibition
Our company successfully participated in 2019 south China international printing exhibition
Automatic Waterbase Inkjet printing machine


Automatic Waterbase Inkjet printing machine

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Automatic Waterbase Inkjet printing machine

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This equipment can print variable digital sheet paper and do multi-line printing. The whole machine is composed of five parts: paper feeding part, positioning part, 

spray code part, drying part and paper collecting part. It is widely used in medicine packaging, food packaging, lottery tickets, tickets, card making and other 

fields for the demand of spray code. It is an ideal professional spray code equipment. The whole machine adopts a large number of famous and excellent parts at home and abroad: 

CPG motor, Panasonic PLC, Schneider electrical components, NSK bearings and so on.


Inkjet printing system

1、Select a 0.5 inch (12.7mm) printing unit with high bar code printing level.

Using 0.5 inch printing unit, all barcodes are sprayed vertically. Even if there are individual breaks in production, the grade and reading of barcodes will not be affected.

2、The inkjet system adopts HP spray printing technology which has high precision, many kinds of ink and no maintenance of the nozzle.

The bar code accuracy of industrial inkjet printing system using HP TIJ technology can reach 600 DPI which is the highest on the market at present, and the quality of inkjet printing is naturally more guaranteed. Because HP nozzle is one-off, the service life of the nozzle can not be considered too much and no specific nozzle maintenance is required to ensure continuity of production.There are a variety of ink choices to suit different types of paper.


Inkjet Software System

Configuring multiple software systems to provide multiple guarantees for safe, efficient and stable production

In combination with years of experience in providing inkjet printing equipment for printing plants, our company has developed several sets of supportive software for inkjet printing production process which makes the inkjet printing process safer, more efficient and more stable.

1、Medicine regulatory code data comparison system can compare each new regulatory code data with the previous production data to see whether it has been produced, in order to avoid unnecessary losses to the printing plant caused by Party A's errors in data.

2、Bar code duplicate checking system can record all the scanned barcode content, once it is found that there is a duplicate code, it will alarm. The system is an essential software for barcode duplicate checking.

3、The data segmentation system can arrange the medicine regulatory codes in the order of stacking paper vertically which is convenient for future inquiry and inspection. The spray printing system  can prompt the spray-printed data to prevent the occurrence of duplicate codes caused by misoperation.


Paper feeding paltform

1、Autoamtic feeding part

With offset press feeder head, the speed of paper feeder can reach 8000 sheets at the fastest.

The feeder head drive of the paper feeder can move forward and backward to facilitate the paper feeder to move large and small size paper.

Paper feeding without gap can be realized.

Horizontal and vertical feeding can be realized.

The paper outlet is equipped with a double-sheet controller.

Dual dedusting of brush roll and electrostatic removal hot press roller can be realized with dedusting device.

The belt precise positioning mechanism of paper feeder corrects the straightness of paper transmission and ensures the quality of spray printing.


2、Vacuum Adsorption Platform

Vacuum adsorption transmission, good stability, accurate printing position.

The adsorption area of the vacuum platform is 2600 mm which ensures that the maximum paper can be sprayed in multiple rows and columns in the vacuum platform. 

The paper feeding platform adopts thick steel wallboard structure to ensure a more stable vacuum platform.

Swiss imported conveyor belt is used to ensure the flatness and stability of paper in the high-speed conveying process.

The flow rate of the vacuum fan is stronger, and the air volume can be adjusted to ensure that the paper is smooth and sticky.

Fast replacement of belt design, no need to dismantle wallboard can dismantle and assemble paper conveyor belt.


3、Infrared drying part

Effective and rapid drying of ink.

Infrared lamps are grouped and power divided control according to the temperature required by the product.

Light box with cooling system.

The PLC control screen records the lamp tube's use time in real time.

It adopts high temperature resistant Teflon mesh belt which is easy to operate and has a long service life.


4、Delivery part

Linear guide is adopted, and the paper-collecting gauge can move around and around according to the size of the paper. The adjustment is flexible and the operation is convenient.

The left and right side of the gauge can be adjusted conveniently.

Paper collecting platform with air suction device, paper collecting neat.

The paper-collecting section is controlled separately and the speed of paper-collecting is adjusted arbitrarily.

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The platform speed 0-90m/min adjustable, It can meet all kinds of bar code and resolution requirements.It is suitable for different types of sprinklers. 
The maximum size of paper 1040X1040mm
The Minimum size of paper 400X360mm
Paper thickness 120—600g/㎡
Total power 34KW
Net Weight 7.5T
Outward Size 11500X3600X2160mm(L*W*H)(including pedals)
the length of waste cleaning the optional pre-coded paper plus 1500mm
the height of feeding paper 1150mm
the height of receiving paper 1150mm


Paper feeding part

Registering and positioning part

Power removing part

Polishing part(optional)

Vacuum adsorption platform

Inkjet printing system

Drying part

Delivery part



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