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Our company successfully participated in 2019 south China international printing exhibition
Our company successfully participated in 2019 south China international printing exhibition
Digital Inkjet Printing Machine


Digital Inkjet Printing Machine

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Digital Inkjet Printing Machine

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PM1040 High Speed and High Precision Paper Transfer Platform+UV Inkjet System+Online Detection System+UV-LED Drying System.

The scheme is user-oriented with the strong advantages of leading inkjet control technology, stable system performance, professional and comprehensive service ability, and so on. It realizes the production of variable data inkjet printing with high quality, high productivity, low cost and easy operation for many domestic pharmaceutical packaging and printing enterprises which is in the industry of drug regulatory codes. It laid a good foundation for the smooth implementation of drug regulatory code in the industry.

We will continue our efforts to provide high-quality, efficient, stable and reliable solutions for printing enterprises in ink-jet printing of variable information data such as one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, text and graphics.

Inkjet printing system

1、Using high precision and long life sprinkler

By using Spectra industrial piezoelectric nozzle on demand, continuous and stable production of 7*24 hours can be achieved. High printing accuracy, more exquisite images, high printing frequency, suitable for higher-speed production tasks. The speed of ink droplet injection ensures the linearity of the code. Good nozzle structure, no ink hanging, guaranteeing the quality and reading rate of'code'. Gold-plated nozzle, corrosion resistance, long life.

2、Perfect Ink Supply System

Ink feeding system keeps the ink at the nozzle at constant temperature and pressure. The ink is conveyed to each nozzle accurately and smoothly and the printed ink is full and the lines are even.

3、Standard Design of Industrial Modularization

Industrial computers, industrial modular standard design, CNC, drive, ink supply systems are independently controlled, each responsible for its own, non-interference. It can diagnose faults and repair the system quickly in a short time, reduce downtime and ensure customer production.

Inkjet Software System/Online Detection System

1、Simple and easy to use

·Full Chinese integrated operation interface, easy to learn and use, easy to call.

·Typographic format supports WYSIWYG, easily completes page editing, and greatly improves production efficiency (automatic 'code' alignment function, automatic alignment function, accurate positioning function, support more 'code' width to meet selection needs).

·One link, multiple completion, no manual record, avoid the possibility of heavy code, empty code and missing code.

2、Safety and reliability

·Data checking, printing and detection form a closed-loop solution which completely avoids the possibility of heavy code, empty code and missing code.

·Support multi-level user operation management authority, avoid the possibility of duplicate printing production caused by operator misoperation.

·To save and print data location, avoid data information loss and duplicate printing caused by shutdown, shift change and sudden power failure.

·It can compare all historical data and strictly control the validity and uniqueness of data source file 'code' data.

·The database backup function makes it easy for you to cope with the risk of more serious data loss.

·Online detection system can monitor in real time and compare printing codes.

3、Efficient and stable

·The industrial high-speed USB is used to transmit dot matrix data in real time which effectively improves the production speed.

·For the upgrade of printing standards in the implementation of electronic regulatory code policy, it can provide upgrade services for users.

UV-LED Curing system

The main features are: low power consumption, long service life, fast curing time, low cost, mercury-free, only ordinary cables. It is a replacement product of traditional optical fiber high-pressure mercury lamp curing light source.

1、UV LED light source: It emits high purity 395 nm monochrome ultraviolet light which belongs to the cold light source; the temperature of the workpiece and paper increases only a few degrees, the paper will not deform, and its energy is highly concentrated in a certain ultraviolet spectral band with effective curing effect. The actual use effect and the curing effect of the high-pressure mercury lamp with light intensity of 4000-5100 MW are comparable which shortens the curing time to 0.5 to 5 seconds.

2、UV LED Light Source Reduces Production Cost by a Big margin

·Because the cooling system of LED lamp uses water cooler to dissipate heat, the service life of the lamp is more than 20,000 hours (the temperature is controlled below 40 degrees and continuous ignition life).

·With energy-saving design, lighting only when irradiation is needed, the power consumption is low, and the power of a single group is about 680W.

·LED light source fuselage is small and portable, so it can be easily integrated into inkjet printing system.

·LED curing equipment almost no heat is produced, is not fragile, does not contain mercury; maintenance costs are very low.

3、No need to preheat: instantly emit high-energy ultraviolet light, using the latest high-energy 395 nm ultraviolet LED, instantly emit high-energy ultraviolet light, quickly complete the curing of ultraviolet ink, greatly improve production efficiency.

Paper feeding platform

1、Automatic Paper Feeding Department

With offset press feeder head, the speed of paper feeding can up to 12,000 sheets at the fastest.

The feeder of the paper feeder can move forward and backward to facilitate the paper feeder to move large and small size paper.

Paper feeding without gap can be realized.

Horizontal and vertical feeding can be realized.

The paper outlet is equipped with a double-sheet controller.

The precise positioning mechanism of paper feeder corrects the straightness of paper transmission and ensures the quality of spray printing.

2、The side lay registration

With unique positioning device, the deviation correction range is wide, the adjustment is convenient, and the quality of spray printing is guaranteed.

Paper feeding is smooth and stable.

3、Double powder removing part(optional)

The double dedusting structure of brush roll and electrothermal pressing roll can effectively remove the dust sprayed on the paper during printing without abrasion on the paper.

Easy to adjust and operate.

Improving spray printing quality and reducing blockage of spray head.

4、Vacuum Adsorption Platform

Vacuum adsorption transmission, good stability, accurate printing position.

The adsorption area of the vacuum platform is 2600 mm which ensures that the maximum paper can be sprayed in multiple rows and columns in the vacuum platform.

The paper conveying platform is made of 25 mm thick steel plate structure. The whole frame is optimized by seismic and shock absorption design and processed by processing center. The overall flatness is high which ensures the stability of the paper conveying platform in the operation process.

The whole wide German imported conveyor belt is used to ensure the flatness and stability of paper in the high-speed conveying process.

Vacuum fan has strong flow and adjustable air flow, which ensures smooth paper sticking.

Fast replacement of belt design, no need to dismantle wallboard to dismantle and assemble paper conveyor belt.

5、UV curing part

Through the conversion of electric energy to light energy, the high-power ultraviolet diode chip of LED generates high purity 395 nm monochrome ultraviolet light. The energy is highly concentrated in the wavelength band which UV ink curing required.

The product has the advantages of low power consumption, long service life, fast curing time, low cost, no mercury, and only needs ordinary cables. It is a replacement product of traditional optical fiber high voltage mercury lamp curing light source.

6、Delivery part

Using Scale delivery structure

Linear guide is adopted, and the paper-collecting gauge can move around and around according to the size of the paper. The adjustment is flexible and the operation is convenient.

The left and right side of the gauge can be adjusted conveniently.

Paper delivery platform with air suction device, paper collecting neat.

The delivery part is controlled separately and the speed of delivery part is adjusted arbitrarily.

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nkjet printing system


high-speed UV printing system

Print Unit

Standard 4 pieces(max. 8 units)

Name of Inkjet

Spectra Industrial piezoelectric inkjet from Dimaztix  (USA)

Printing Precision

Horizontal 500dpi, longitudinal, 180-720dpi step-less adjustable

Inkjet Width


Printing Width


Inkjet Life

Three years or more running at full load, or 500 million 10mil code 128c

The highest printing frequency


ink droplet size


optimal working speed


'code' level

Above 95% of A grad

printing 'code' per liter of ink

80 hundred thousand(medical code 36mm*8mm)

ink type

Imported environment friendly UV curing ink

suitable for printing material

paper, plastic, PV, PP,  PE

printing color



Inkjet software system

Technical Categories

Technical Indicators

Variable Data Spray Printing System Software

Database Support

 Txt Text Database, and so on (Containing Pharmaceutical Supervision Code Database)

'Code' Support

Code 128/128A/128B/128C, Code 39 and other one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes

Support 'Code' Width

Support more 'Code' Width to meet user’s selection needs

Typesetting mode

Chinese interface, flexible and convenient, WYSIWYG, can be typesetted and printed arbitrary words, pictures,'code'

rinting status

real-time data monitoring

'code' quality online detection system software

the highest scanning frequency


monitoring alarm items

support alarm and scrap board control,such as error code, duplicate code, empty code, one box of multi-codes

'code' range

Code 128/128A/128B/128C, Code 39 and other one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes

recommended configuration

spray printing system + paper feeding platform + online detection and early warning system


UV-LED curing system

Product Name

LED UV Curing System

UV Bead Origin

USA (UK) Original Imported LED Beads

Unit Radiation Width


Heat Dissipation Power


Lamp Set Power


Ultraviolet Power


Accumulated Energy Density at 80 m/min Speed

No less than 30 mj/cm2

Control Technology

poleless adjustable power; Link with the platform.

Safety Protection

Overtemperature alarm and automatic power off

Driving Circuit

Imported circuit drive ensures stable output current balance and prolongs lamp bead life

Heat Dissipation

Water-cooled/air-cooled heat dissipation system


Paper feeding platform


40-150m/min adjustable





Paper thickness


spray printing accuracy


Total power


Net weight


Power Supply

3P 380V/50HZ N PE

Shape size

10100*1690*1760mm(without pedals)


using printing machine Feeder, optional of powder removal, pre-coded paper and other devices


Paper feeding part

Power removing part

Registering and positioning part

Polishing part(optional)

High speed printing part

On-line detection system

UV-LED drying part

Scale delivery part

Delivery part


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