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Our company successfully participated in 2019 south China international printing exhibition
Our company successfully participated in 2019 south China international printing exhibition


Automatic checking machine

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Automatic checking machine

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一、Overview of the programme

This machine is mainly used for printing continually variable signal such as one-dimension code, two-dimension code, words and graph on sheet. It is for variable signal supervising industry --pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging and others industries such as lottery, entrance ticket, bills and cards.

We will continue our efforts to provide high-quality, efficient, stable and reliable solutions for printing enterprises in ink-jet printing of variable information data such as one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, text and graphics.

二、Functional advantages

1.High efficiency

◇Printing feeder, speed is up to 8500pieces/hour.

◇The distance of two sheets is adjustable according to paper size,Improve machine efficiency.

◇Secondary feeding and delivery system ensure the non-stop feeding and delivery

2.High stability

◇Transportation platform is steel structure with thickness of 25mm. The structure is shock resistance designed and tested to ensure the stability of running.

◇The transportation belt is imported wide one to ensure the stability of high speed sheets.

◇The flow rate of the vacuum fan is stronger and the air volume can be adjusted to ensure the paper is smooth and sticky.

◇All the key steel parts,such as steel wall plates, camshaft are high grade steel ones and machined in machining center.

◇High speed running parts such as shafts, rollers are made by high grade steel quenched and dynamic balance tested to make sure the stability when running at high speed. 

◇Motors, belts, chains and so on are well-known brand in domestic and abroad. Bearings are mostly from C&U Group and key bearings from NSK.

◇Electric parts are Omron, Schneider, IDEC, and Delta etc 

◇Speed reducer is from CPG, Taiwan

3.High precision 

a)Unique positioning device provides large correction range and easily adjustment.

b)Vacuum sorption table is up to 2600mm*1100mm to ensure the sheet flatness. 

4.Stable inkjet printing system

◇Imported industry piezoelectric nozzle, full metal design, long service life, low maintain cost.

◇Easy to learn and operate.
◇Industrial computer, industrial modular standardization design makes maintenance easily. 

◇Temperature control system ensures constant temperature of lamp box.

◇Paper accumulation detection and alarm system, prompt light box paper accumulation.

◇Monitor and display the working time of the lamp, prompt operator the usage of the lamp.

◇Optional Powder removal device: The combination of brush roller and electric thermal pressing roller powder removal systems can remove effectively the powder on the sheets without scratching it. The inkjet is easy for adjustment and operation to increase the printing quality and reduce the jams of nozzle. 

◇Optional on-line bar code detection system: on-line detection, alarm and removal of spray-printed bar code.

5.Safe And Easy Operation

◇PLC control together with man-machine interface will display the operation status, malfunction and diagnose and operation requirement. All the settings are displayed in the screen and changed by the function button according to instruction in the man-machine interface 

◇Many sensors and safe device are equipped with the machine to make sure the machine run  well and safety. All the malfunctions will be displayed in the screen for easy problem elimination. 

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Max. Sheet size


Min. Sheet size


Sheet weight


Max. Running speed

Max. 150m/min   12000 pieces/hour



4K +8K

Picture Resolution

0.13 mm X0.13 mm

4K camera0.13 mm X0.13 mm

8K camera0.07 mm X0.08 mm

Min. point defect size (ink spot, omission, dirt)

high contrast ratio  0.15mm2
Low contrast ratio  0.25mm2

high contrast ratio  0.1mm2
Low contrast ratio  0.2mm2

Min. line defect size (ink line, streak)

high contrast ratio width≧0.2 mm  length≧10mm
Low contrast ratio length≧0.3 mmlength≧10mm

high contrast ratio 
width≧0.15mm  length≧10mm
Low contrast ratio 

width≧0.25mm  length≧10mm

Chromatic aberration inspection

△E ≧ 3

△E ≧ 3

Overlapping precisions

Lateral Direction  ±0.2 mm
Longitudinal  ±0.2 mm

Lateral Direction  ±0.15 mm
Longitudinal  ±0.15 mm



Net weight



10600×2650×2400mm(including pedal platform

Notice: High contrast means the average gray level between defect and background ≥300N
(gray level). Low contrast means the average gray level between defect and background ≥100N and ≤300N
Design and specification are subject to change without notice , photos for reference only

Paper feeding part

Registering and positioning part

Vacuum adsorption platform

High Speed Camera

Scrap unit

Delivery part


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